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Since 1873 Villa d’Este is considered the destination par excellence of Summit and Events of international scope. The timeless location, surrounded by the beauty of Lake Como, is in fact a combination of ancient charm and modernity.

At Villa d’Este, you can embrace the very essence of Lake Como. Bask in lazy days by the pool, enjoy world-renowned cuisine, and admire the captivating views of the lake’s sparkling waters.

Adventure awaits around every corner of Lake Como, from exciting boat tours and tennis lessons with world-class instructors to hikes in the surrounding mountains. Want even more? Experience glamping or embark on a snow-dream journey. Create memories that will last a lifetime.



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Activities, Boat Experiences

Vaporina Villa d’Este

Vaporinas were the first motorboats to be created on Lake Como in the late 1800s. Elongated with a sleek design, the roof was originally partly covered in glass.

Boat Experiences

E-Next Villa d’Este

Take a non-stop sustainable tour of the scenery of Lake Como in this entirely electric handmade wooden boat.

Activities, Boat Experiences

Vintage Vaporina

Step aboard the most romantic of wooden boats, our Vintage Vaporina, on the most charming lake in the world for La Dolce Vita experience.

Activities, Sport

Off the beaten track

Adventuring is an adrenaline-fuelled way to experience Lake Como.

Activities, Boat Experiences

Riva Aquarama

A singular experience onboard one of the world’s most prestigious boats, Riva Aquarama. Designed and manufactured at the famous Cantiere Riva on the shores of Lake Iseo, Riva Aquarama has become a global icon. Enjoy the timeless atmosphere of La Dolce Vita!

Activities, Boat Experiences

Tullio Abbate Super Villa d’Este

For a chic experience on Lake Como, our wooden Abbate Villa d’Este is undoubtedly the perfect way to ensure an enjoyable tour of the lake with some extra oomph.

Activities, Boat Experiences

Pic-nic onboard

Imagine gently swaying aboard a stylish boat on the glistening waters of Lake Como while grazing on delicious dishes and a glass of the finest wine.

Activities, Driving Experiences

Self-drive classic cars

Villa d’Este can organise tailor-made tours in partnership with classic Italian car brands, such as Alfa Romeo and Fiat, all of which begin at the hotel.

Activities, Driving Experiences

Italian Supercar Tour of Lake Como

Nothing makes a stay at Villa d’Este more special than being fully independent while also enjoying the luxury of Italian craftsmanship in a striking red Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Activities, Sport

Bike time

Our region is renowned for dramatic scenery with the backdrop of the Alps.

Activities, Driving Experiences

Vespa: the Italian allure

For guests wishing to enjoy an authentic and romantic Italian experience, Villa d’Este can organise an 8-hour day ride on a Vespa 125, starting in the hotel courtyard.

Activities, Helicopter Tour

Enjoy the Lake from the sky

Experience the thrill of Lake Como and its surroundings from above on a helicopter ride.

Activities, Boat Experiences

Aperitif onboard

Start a special evening at Villa d’Este with a sublime aperitif onboard an elegant boat before savouring a gourmet dinner at La Veranda restaurant.

Activities, Sport

LUX Tennis

Villa d’Este has joined forces with LUX Tennis, a leading tennis management company that connects current and former tennis professionals with top-tier luxury resorts worldwide.

Activities, Sport, Unique Experiences


Indulge in the vibrant essence of nature, the crisp mountain air and the enveloping scent of the forests.

Activities, Sport, Unique Experiences

Snow Dream

It’s a unique experience that you can enjoy from November until the first days of May, when the landscape changes with the seasons.

Activities, Culinary Experiences

Cocktail Classes

Discover the magic of mixology at the Grill restaurant with cocktail classes led by our talented mixologists.

Activities, Culinary Experiences

Wine Tastings

Delve in the world of wine with our sommelier team at Villa d’Este.

Activities, Kids Activities

Kids Activities

Our Kids activities are designed to make the stay of junior guests unforgettable: sports, games, crafts, movies, a special lunch menu, and so much more!

Activities, Boat Experiences

Tullio Abbate Afrodite Villa d’Este

One of the most exclusive boats in our fleet, the Tullio Abbate Afrodite combines the elegance of wood with speed and freedom.

Activities, Sport

Golf experiences

Enjoy a day on an extraordinary golf course that vaunts a challenging reputation for all handicaps and ages.

Activities, Kids Activities

Sweet moments with Mom

For those looking to enjoying a Mother & Daughter sweet moment, few places could be more enchanting than the Beauty Center in Villa d’Este.

Activities, Boat Experiences

Tullio Abbate Villa d’Este Special

Tullio Abbate Villa d’Este special is the latest addition to our fleet. The elegance of wood is wisely combined with the myth of speed and the sense of freedom according to nature. The perfect blend of new and tradition to discover charming Lake Como! Suitable for up to 5 passengers.

Romantic dinner at Il Platano

Savour an enchanting evening at Il Platano restaurant, where love can be found in every detail.

Activities, Culinary Experiences

Cooking Demonstrations

Join a cooking demonstration with our talented chefs to craft a classic Villa d’Este 3-course menu paired with curated wines.

Activities, Sport

Replenish mind, body & soul

Rejuvenate mind, body, and soul with our bespoke yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi sessions at Villa d’Este, guided by our private instructor.

Activities, Events, Sport

Tennis Star Event with Andreas Seppi

In partnership with LUX Tennis, Villa d’Este offers guests the chance to participate in private lessons and group clinics led by this esteemed former tennis champion.

Events, Summer Nights

Mid-Summer Gala – Dolce Vita

Join us on 15 August at Villa d’Este for a luxurious ‘Dolce Vita’ themed experience blending relaxation with unique Italian-inspired stagings and performance.


E1 Lake Como GP

Lake Como and Villa d’Este will be the battleground for E1’s nine teams vying to become Champions of the Water.

Events, Villa d'Este Style

Electric Yachting

Taking place on Lake Como, this electric mobility event combines innovation and sustainability. To celebrate the strong bond between Alessandro Volta and the city of Como, the event is organized by the Fondazione Alessandro Volta in collaboration with Cantiere Ernesto Riva.