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Since 1873 Villa d’Este is considered the destination par excellence of Summit and Events of international scope. The timeless location, surrounded by the beauty of Lake Como, is in fact a combination of ancient charm and modernity.

Visiting Villa d’Este means immersing yourself in a dimension of luxury, characterized by classical perfection and unparalleled privacy. Proceeding through its entrance gate is equivalent to entering an exclusive oasis that has no equal in the world.

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Activities, Boat Experiences


Vaporinas were the first motorboats to be created on Lake Como in the late 1800s. Elongated with a sleek design, the roof was originally partly covered in glass. It’s definitely worth a ride!

Boat Experiences

E-Next Villa d’Este

Where technology meets classical details. Handmade wooden boat, 100% electric, for a truly green experience to discover the beauties of the surroundings with a non-stop tour of the lake.

Activities, Boat Experiences

Vintage Vaporina

Step aboard the most romantic of wooden boats, our Vintage Vaporina, on the most romantic lake in the world to experience La Dolce Vita.

Activities, Sport


A lovely way to appreciate the Lake is through adventurous activities.  What about hiking around with a mountain expert for stunning views or just strolling above the Lake? We can organize customized guided hikes and the best walks that suit to your requirements and needs.

Activities, Boat Experiences

Riva Aquarama

A singular experience onboard one of the world’s most exclusive boats, Riva Aquarama. Designed and manufactured at the famous Cantiere Riva on the shores of Lake Iseo, Riva Aquarama has become a global icon. Enjoy the timeless atmosphere of La Dolce Vita! 

Activities, Boat Experiences

Abbate Villa d’Este Super

For a sporty experience on Lake Como, our wooden Abbate Villa d’Este is undoubtedly the perfect boat to ensure an enjoyable tour of the lake with some extra oomph.

Activities, Boat Experiences

Aperitif sur l’eau

What about an aperitif for toasting on the Lake before enjoying a delicious meal with a stunning view of the Lake at La Veranda restaurant?

Activities, Boat Experiences

Picnic sur l’eau

Do you picture yourself enjoying a freshly prepared picnic in the charming scenery of Lake Como?

Driving Experiences

Classic Car Self-Drive Experience

A memorable way to discover Lake Como is by car, driving along the iconic roads and past stunning scenery. Set against the foothills of the Alps, the region is known for its dramatic scenery, and what a more spectacular way to explore it than behind the wheel of a classic car.

Activities, Driving Experiences

Italian Supercar Tour of Lake Como

Nothing can make a stay at Villa d’Este more special than being fully independent whilst also enjoying the luxuries of Italian craftsmanship in a red Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Activities, Sport


A lovely way to appreciate the glimpse of the Lake is living through more adventurer activities and we would be glad to assist you in organizing one of these special experiences!

Driving Experiences

Self-Drive Vespa Experience

For those looking to enjoy an authentic and romantic Italian experience, Villa d’Este can organise an 8-hour day tour onboard a Vespa 125, starting in the hotel’s courtyard.

Helicopter Tour

Enjoy the Lake from the sky

Nothing can make your stay at Villa d’Este more special than enjoying the reverse Y shape of Lake Como and the entire Lake Region right from the sky on a Helicopter tour!

Activities, Boat Experiences

La Dolce Vita Tour

Opt for this 4-hour boat tour around the lake, stopping at a villa of your choice: Villa Balbianello or Villa Carlotta.

Vintage Yachting

13-14 MAY 2023
Villa d’Este and Lake Como will celebrate once again the highest level hospitality and the classic yachting tradition in an exclusive rendez-vous dedicated to vintage wooden boats.


Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este

The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este is a prestigious international event that showcases some of the world’s finest classic cars. Taking place annually at the stunning Villa d’Este on the shores of Lake Como, this event attracts car enthusiasts from all over the world who come to admire the beauty and elegance of the vehicles on display.


Villa d’Este Style, One Lake, One Car

1 JUNE 2024
It is an unmissable event dedicated to the elegance, design, style and culture of the Belpaese: every June, the owners of the “Villa d’Este Coupé”, and the four-wheel enthusiasts, meet at Villa d’Este for an exciting reunion.

Activities, Culinary Experiences

Cocktail Classes

An unforgettable experience at the Grill Restaurant where our talented mixologists will guide guests in a hands-on cocktail demonstration. The mixologist entertains guests by showing you how to make our Signature Cocktails, explaining the importance of quality produce, provenance and sustainability.

Activities, Culinary Experiences

Wine Tastings

Take an inspiring journey into the wine world with our talented sommelier team at Villa d’Este. Guests will have the pleasure of enjoying a selection of premium wines personally selected by our Wine Manager, Alex Bartoli, who showcases Italian excellence from prestigious producers.

Activities, Kids Club

Kids Club

Our Kids Club program is designed to make your kids’ stay an unforgettable one. Sports, games, crafts, movies, a special lunch menu and so much more await them. Our Club runs in summer, from June 16th to August 25th included,, from 11.30 am to 6.30 pm, for children aged 3 to 8.

Activities, Boat Experiences

The Golden Tour

Enjoy this full-day boating experience, which provides the perfect blend of handsome villas, picturesque towns and mountain scenery. Cruise as far as the upper section of Lake Como past the charming Villa Balbianello and Villa Carlotta before stopping for a stroll and something to eat in Varenna or Bellagio.   –

Activities, Boat Experiences

Tullio Abbate Villa d’Este Special

Tullio Abbate Villa d’Este special is the latest addition to our fleet. The elegance of wood is wisely combined with the myth of speed and the sense of freedom according to nature. The perfect blend of new and tradition to discover charming Lake Como! Suitable for up to 5 passengers.

Activities, Boat Experiences

2-Hour non-stop lake cruise

Enjoy mesmerizing views of the handsome villas and picturesque villages along the southern section of Lake Como, as far as the Roman bridge of Nesso, a spectacular waterfall and the majestic Alps in the background.

Activities, Culinary Experiences

Cooking Demonstrations

A cooking class in which guests can watch a traditional Villa d’Este 3-course menu being prepared, accompanied by personalised videos.

Activities, Sport

Yoga & Meditation Experiences

There are no other places like Villa d’Este, where you can enjoy a truly relaxing atmosphere. Replenish the mind and body with yoga and meditation experiences on property.