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Sustainability Management Plan

At our core, we hold the conviction that exceptional hospitality should intertwine with a mindful awareness of the environment. Acknowledging our industry’s inescapable influence on the environment and society, we commit to managing our impact and presenting a comprehensive overview of our sustainable and responsible initiatives.

Environmental Sustainability

At Villa d’Este Hotels, we are dedicated to conducting our operations with a solid commitment to environmental sustainability, aiming to preserve our planet and create a more sustainable future for the next generations. We firmly believe in the impact of our collective efforts in making a positive difference.

Social Sustainability

Villa d’Este Hotels consistently participates in initiatives that enhance the local community’s well-being, emphasizing social sustainability.  As part of our Social Sustainability Commitment, we actively support local educational establishments, cultural events and organizations, host trainees from local vocational schools, and conduct career talks for students.

Employee Sustainability

Recognizing that our employees play a pivotal role in our success, Villa d’Este Hotels prioritizes their well-being. We are dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous development, providing opportunities for career growth, extensive training, meaningful employee engagement and feedback mechanisms.

Clean the World Global Partnership

Villa d’Este is honoured to partner with Clean the World Global, an organization committed to improving environmental conditions worldwide.

Through its Global Recycling Program, Clean the World repurposes discarded soap bars and plastic amenity bottles from the hospitality industry. Since its inception in 2009, Clean the World has distributed over 80 million bars of soap to global NGOs like The WASH Foundation, formerly known as Clean the World Foundation, supporting communities vulnerable to hygiene-related illnesses worldwide. Additionally, the organization has recycled 7.5 million pounds of plastic amenity bottles, diverting over 25 million pounds of waste from landfills.

At Villa d’Este, we are taking care of our impact on the planet, and our collaboration with Clean the World is just one example of our ongoing efforts towards a sustainable future.



Green Globe Partnership

Villa d’Este Hotels aims to obtain the internationally acclaimed Green Globe certificationOur strategy is an integral component of an organization-wide initiative that fosters a unified and worldwide environmental, social, and employee sustainability methodology. Villa d’Este Hotels is committed to complying with the Green Globe indicators. To ensure alignment with the most stringent international standards, we engage the services of an impartial third-party auditor. The acknowledged experts from Green Globe in the sustainable aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry guide us through the certification process.

Green Globe is the original sustainability certification program created in 1996 to guide tourism enterprises toward sustainable operation and management. For over three decades, Green Globe members have contributed to the social and economic development of the destinations that host their businesses.



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At Villa d’Este, we are dedicated to conserving and revitalizing the environment while also making a lasting, positive impact on our local community.

Sustainability Management Plan