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Membership Regulations


Art.1 – Guests who reside in the hotel are allowed to use the Sporting Club facilities, as well as members of the Sporting Club in compliance with the fees and quota of daily guests. All members have the same rights and duties regarding the use of equipment.

Art.2 – Questions of aspiring Members must be addressed to the President of the Villa d’Este Spa, in the manner and form indicated in the Secretariat. With every question of application for registration or renewal, a medical certificate that meets the requirements of the Club must be attached.

Art.3 – Members are divided into categories:

– Honorary members: nominated by Villa d’Este Spa in an expression of gratitude towards a special commitment a member has shown towards the hotel or the Sporting Club itself.
– Effective members: on an annual basis. Must be over 18 years old.
– Junior members: on an annual basis. Members between 5-17 years old. (5 years old is the minimum age to become a Sporting Club member).

Art.4 – During weekdays, members’ friends can access the Sporting Club provided that they have been previously authorized by the Management of the Hotel at its sole discretion and are in possession of the daily ticket. These are on sale at the Hotel Reception or at the Sporting Club office. They are not permitted to visit during weekends or festivities.

Art.5 – Membership runs on an annual basis from October 1st to September 30th of the following year. Before the membership expires, the member must submit their application for renewal. Villa d’Este Spa reserves, to its unquestionable judgment, not to accept, giving written notice to the requesting Sport Club Member.

Art.6 – The extent of the annual membership and daily ticket fees are established each year by the Villa d’Este. In case of authorization for registration or renewal, the shares must be paid to the Secretariat no later than October 20th of each year. If this period has expired the Member will be considered for resignation and will have to repeat the procedure as per article 2 for readmission.

Art. 7 – The staff may require members to show their membership card or daily pass.

Art.8 – Subject to the above, all Sporting Club Members (in good standing with their fee payments) are entitled to access all the Club’s sports facilities during opening hours. Notwithstanding, Villa d’Este reserves the right to close access to its facilities to Sporting Club Members, (i) for a maximum period of 20 days of closure to carry out maintenance of usual annual activities; (ii) for a maximum period of 20 days in case of exclusive annual hotel events, which plan to close total access to Sport and Tennis facilities. If the hotel will be closed for more than 20 days per year for one-of-a-kind reasons, Villa d’Este will refund the fee for the period not enjoyed; (iii) in case of extreme maintenance events that lead to the total closure of the Sporting Club for over 30 days per year, Villa d’Este will refund the fee for the unexpired term.

Art. 9 – The Club does not allow the use of radios, recorders, or similar. Nor is it allowed to make films or essentially reproduce the same in any form and format on social media, digital platforms, or other media.

Art. 10 – Members and guests of the Sporting Club are advised that food and drink may not be brought on to the property, or into the Sporting Club at any time. The Hotel offers several restaurants and bar options.

Art. 11 – The Sporting Club declines any responsibility in case of loss or damage to personal property, that was not adequately stored in the locker rooms or at the Sporting Club desk.

Art. 12 – In case of damages to the equipment or property of Villa d’Este or to third parties, these will be charged to the responsible party, as determined by Villa d’Este.

Art. 13 – Villa d’Este reserves the right to cancel registrations already made in the case of incorrect behaviour by the Member and/or violation of any of the rules of this regulation. In this case, no refund or refund of paid-up allowances shall be due to the excluded member.

Art. 14 – During the seasonal opening of the Hotel, animals are not admitted on the premises of Villa d’Este (inside and outside), including the Sporting Club.

Art. 15 – For the purposes of traffic safety and personal protection, it is recommended to maintain a moderate speed when access the Sporting Club by car or motorcycle. Throughout visits to Villa d’Este, a token identifying the member of the Sporting Club (which will be delivered by the Secretariat) must be positioned inside the car and visible at all times.

Vehicles can only stay in the dedicated areas and only during Sporting Club or restaurant opening hours.


Art. 16 – Use of equipment.
Members and Hotel guests must observe the security and hygiene regulations as per the law. For what is not mentioned in the present document, members must observe the regulations as posted in the swimming pool, sauna, gym, squash, electronic golf, etc. Please be advised that use of the Sport Club facilities may be partly and occasionally limited for lessons to a group of members.

Art. 17 – Floating swimming pool
Members and Hotel guests under the age of 12 years old are not permitted to use the floating swimming pool, even when accompanied by an adult, and must use the kid’s swimming pool.

Art. 18 – Animals are not admitted.


Art. 19 – Admission to the tennis courts
Access to the tennis courts is allowed only to members administratively in good standing, guests of the Members in possession of regular tickets, and Hotel Guests. On the playing courts, in the clubhouse, and in the changing rooms pets are not allowed.

Art. 20 – Dress code
Players must wear appropriate tennis attire but not limited to tennis shirts and tennis shoes. Bare torsos are forbidden.

Art. 21 – Limitation to the use of tennis courts
Management may temporarily suspend the use of one or more tennis courts for technical reasons and/or for in-house tournaments and competitions.

Art. 22 – Use of fields

Members can play only one hour a day by booking the first free tennis court, specifying, in addition to their own name, also the name of their opponent. The Member may continue to play only if there are no other reservations. It is the duty of Members to leave the field and respect the right of members registered for the next round. At the end of the Game-round players are required to rearrange the court.

Art. 23 – Play rotation

Single: 60 minutes
Double: 60 minutes

The tennis staff may ask for a slight reduction of the regular playing time in order to prepare the tennis court for the following turn.

Art. 24 – Tennis teacher or trainer

The game/ lesson with the tennis teacher or with the trainer is considered a normal game turn and the effects of field booking and game rotation are also applied.


Art. 25 – Nautical Ski
Members and Hotel guests must follow the water-skiing security regulations as well as the instructions given by the staff.

Art. 26 – Boat rental
In the case of boat rental, the Members and Hotel Guests are required to sign the declaration of responsibility and strictly follow the instructions for use that are provided.

Art. 27 – Mooring boats
The Sport Club has some berths at its moorings. Such berths may be made available to Members who request it, until depletion. The regulation of the mooring of vessels is described in detail in the mooring contract that the Member is required to subscribe to.

Art. 28 – With registration to the Sport Club is implied acceptance in all its points of this Regulation.