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Membership Regulations


Art. 1 – Guests of Villa d’Este, members of the Sporting Club who are in good standing with their membership dues and daily guests are admitted to the Sporting Club. All guests and members have equal privileges to use the equipment and facilities and are bound to respect the rules of the Sporting Club.
Art. 2 – Potential members of the Sporting Club must be sponsored by two current members in good standing, who are directly responsible for the member’s admissibility and may be held accountable for any failure by their sponsored member to respect the rules of the Sporting Club, thus forfeiting their membership should the sponsored member violate Sporting Club rules. The requests of admission to the Sporting Club have to be addressed to the President of the Club.
Art. 3 – Members are divided into 5 categories:
— Honorary members: named by the Villa d’Este SpA to express its gratitude toward a special commitment they have shown toward Villa d’Este and Sporting Club itself.
— Effective members: on an annual basis. Must be at least 21 years of age.
— Junior members on an annual basis. Members between 14 and 20 years of age.
— Cadetti members: on an annual basis. Members between 5-13 years of age (5 is minimum age to become a Sporting Club member).

Art. 4 – Members’ guests may access the Sporting Club, only during week days (weekends and festivities are not included), after having been authorized by the Hotel Management and upon delivery of the daily pass that has to be bought at the Hotel Reception or at the Sporting Club desk. Membership is on an annual basis, from October 1st to September 30th of the following year.
Art. 5 – Membership is on an annual basis, from October 1st to September 30th of the following year.
Art. 6 – Every year the Villa d’Este determines the annual membership, daily pass and fee amounts. The membership fees have to be paid to the Secretariat (located at the Financial Department) within 30 days after receiving communication about the above fees. Late settlements will receive an overcharge. Should a member exceed his term without renewing his membership, he will be automatically cancelled and the member will have to reapply for membership (see Art. 2)
Art. 7 – The staff may require to members to show their membership card or daily – pass.
Art. 8 – Members in good standing have the right to enter the Sporting Club only – during regular opening hours.
Art. 9 – Radios or similar electronic devices are not allowed at the Sporting Club. All musical devices should be listened to with headphones at a normal volume level so as not to disturb other members and guests.
Art. 10 – Members and guests of the Sporting Club are advised that food and drinks may not be brought on property nor into the Sporting Club at any time. The Hotel offers several restaurants and bar options.
Art. 11 – The Sporting Club declines any responsibility in case of loss or damage to personal property that was not adequately stored in the locker rooms or at the Sporting Club desk.
Art. 12 – In case of damages to the equipment or property of Villa d’Este or to third parties, these will be charged to the Responsible Party, as determined by Villa d’Este.
Art. 13 – Villa d’Este has the right to cancel a membership in case of a member’s failure to respect the rules stated herein.
Art. 14 – During the seasonal opening of the Hotel, animals are not admitted on the – premises of Villa d’Este (inside and outside), including the Sporting Club.
Art. 15 – Due to security reasons, motorcycles and automobiles are requested to maintain a low velocity inside the property


Art. 16Use of equipment.
Members and Hotel guests must observe the security and hygienic regulations as per the law. For what is not mentioned in the present document, members must observe the regulations as posted in the swimming pool, sauna, gym, squash, electronic golf etc. Please be advised that use of the Sporting Club facilities may be partly and occasionally limited for lessons to a group of members.

Art. 17Floating swimming pool 
Members and Hotel guests under the age of 10 years are not permitted to use the floating swimming pool, even when accompanied by an adult, and must use the kid’s swimming pool. Animals are not admitted to the tennis courts, Club House and dressing rooms.

Art. 18 – Admission to the tennis courts

Admission to the tennis courts is reserved to members in good standing and Hotel guests only. Animals are not admitted to the tennis courts, Club House and dressing rooms.
Art. 19 – Dress code 
Players must wear appropriate tennis attire but not limited to tennis shirts and tennis shoes. Bare torsos are forbidden.
Art. 20 – Limitation to the use of tennis courts
The Management may temporarily suspend the use of one or more tennis courts both. for technical reasons and/or for in house tournaments and competitions.
Art. 21Use of the tennis courts
Depending on the day’s bookings the staff may request to members not to play more than one hour. Members must reserve court time in advance for themselves and their fellow player directly with the tennis center and will be assigned a court on a first come-first serve basis. At the end of the playing, members are requested to tidy up the court.

Art. 22Play rotation 
Single: 60 minutes
Double: 60 minutes
The tennis staff may ask a slight reduction of the regular playing time in order to prepare the tennis court for the following turn.
Art. 23 – Tennis teacher or trainer
Play with a tennis pro or trainer is considered normal play and therefore is subject to articles 22 and 23.

Art. 24 – Nautical Ski
Members and Hotel guests must follow the water-skiing security regulations as well as the instructions given by the staff.
Art. 25 – Boat rental
When renting a boat, both Members and Hotel guests must sign the relevant contract and follow the instructions given by the staff.
Art. 26 – Mooring
The Sporting Club has a few slips available for boats at the Marina, which are available to members upon availability and upon signing the relevant contract. Rules and regulations are described in the mooring contract.
Art. 27 – By entering the Sporting Club, all members and Hotel guests must comply with the regulations outlined in this document.