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If you are a nature lover and like walking, there is a beautiful path about 1.5 kms long in the park of the grounds of the Villa d’Este. If this isn’t challenging enough for you, then hop on a boat or get a taxi to Como and catch the funicular as far as Brunate where you can walk on a scenic and fairly easy trail as far as Torno.

Alternatively, go by car up to Mount Bisbino (above the Villa D’Este) and then walk along the “Lariano Trail” or go by car as far as Lenno where you can walk along the “Via Crucis” path. Along this path, admire fourteen chapels with life-size statues which lead to the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Soccorso. Or go by car to Griante and then climb up to the church of San Martino from where you can enjoy some of the most spectacular views over the central area of Lake Como. If you feel a little unsure because you’ve never been to this area, we can arrange for you to be escorted by guides who will also provide you with information on the area.