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Wine Dinners

Wine Dinners provide the perfect opportunity for a captivating culinary experience to discover unique aromas, flavours and emotions.


Timeless beauty lives here

Timeless beauty lives here
For centuries a residence of the aristocracy – princesses, marquises, sultans and tsars. And since 1873, an elegant and charming five-star resort; one of the most celebrated in the world. Luxury lake views exemplify the art of living well in a suggestive experience that fills the eyes and inspires the mind.


More than a hotel, a destination


Sensory experiences and refinement

Dinner time. We get ready, we cross the majestic rooms to reach a view that has no equal in the world. A “Bellini” on the terrace while the sun sets on the lake. And after a dream, another dream, the exclusive hospitality of the Veranda restaurant. Almost a theatrical scene: a ballet of maîtres and sommeliers attentive to your every wish.


Every day something new


Wine Dinners

With these Wine Dinners, a series of unique and unforgettable events in which iconic wines meet elegant haute cuisine, Villa d'Este pays homage to Italian food and wine excellence.


Christmas & New Year’s Festivities at Villa d’Este

Experience a world of festive wonder and timeless traditions at Villa d’Este. The enchantment begins with a dazzling lighting ceremony on December 1st, transforming the villa into a breathtaking spectacle of lights adorned with intricate Christmas arrangements and exquisite floral decorations.

Activities, Boat Experiences


Vaporinas were the first motorboats to be created on Lake Como in the late 1800s. Elongated with a sleek design, the roof was originally partly covered in glass. It’s definitely worth a ride!

Activities, Boat Experiences


Are you looking for a sustainable and green way to discover the lake? Our unique Elettra, built by Cantiere Ernesto Riva, is the one! Fully electric, on board, you will rock just by the sound of the lake!

Boat Experiences

E-Next Villa d’Este

Where technology meets classical details. Handmade wooden boat, 100% electric, for a truly green experience to discover the beauties of the surroundings with a non-stop tour of the lake.

Activities, Boat Experiences

Vintage Vaporina

Step aboard the most romantic of wooden boats, our Vintage Vaporina, on the most romantic lake in the world to experience La Dolce Vita.

Activities, Sport


A lovely way to appreciate the Lake is through adventurous activities.  What about hiking around with a mountain expert for stunning views or just strolling above the Lake? We can organize customized guided hikes and the best walks that suit to your requirements and needs.


The best services for your relaxation

The best services for your relaxation
Villa d'Este provides its guests with various services free of charge to take care of their bodies and personal fitness, but also to satisfy the desire to play sports and make their stay even more fun and dynamic.


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