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One car, one lake

Villa d’Este Style, One Lake, One Car

It is an unmissable event dedicated to the elegance, design, style and culture of the Belpaese: every April, the owners of the “Villa d’Este Coupé”, and the four-wheel enthusiasts, meet at Villa d’Este for an exciting reunion.

Created by Carrozzeria Touring, the “Villa d’Este Coupé” (Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS) has been on track since 1949. The same year wins the Concours d’Elegance Villa d’Este from which it takes its name, marking the beginning of the modern automotive design.

In the world there are only 25 copies, so it is among the vintage cars most sought after by great collectors. In May 2011 Villa d’Este bought one of its prototypes and the legendary Coupé is thus fully returned to its home of origin. Also for this reason the “Villa d’Este Style” is one of the most popular events in these parts.

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