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Mid-Summer Gala – Dolce Vita

On 15 August, we look forward to seeing you at Villa d’Este for an experience that combines luxury and relaxation themed on the ‘Dolce Vita’, a great classic, with one-of-a-kind stagings and performances reminiscent of a real Italian feast.

The wandering aperitif on the Platani terrace with the raw fish and ceviche corner, cheesemaker’s corner, cold cuts, and salads will be followed by an exclusive gala dinner in the picturesque location by the famous floating pool on the lake. The dinner will include parsley risotto, salt cod, lemon, capers and sole, cooked and raw porcini mushrooms, pistachio biscuits, apricot creamy, almond ice cream, and the classic ice cream cart.

Let your senses be overwhelmed by an explosion of colours, sounds and scents dancing in the air.

The gala dinner will be an authentic celebration of summer flavours, masterfully prepared by our Executive Chef Michele Zambanini. Each dish will be a taste surprise, a perfect combination of fresh and delicious ingredients that will transport you straight to the heart of summer.

At the end of dinner, enjoy the fireworks display. The bright colours and sparkling flashes will light up the sky, and Lake Como will transport you to an enchanted world.

Book your place now and get ready to experience an unforgettable evening in a ‘Dolce Vita’ style at Villa d’Este. Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the enchantment of summer.

Tickets cost 650 euro per person. A 100% deposit is required upon booking with a 30-day cancellation policy.

If the weather is bad, the event will be moved inside the halls of Villa d’Este.


For information and reservations, please call +39 031 348400 or email

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