Live a dream








Indulge in the vibrant essence of nature, the crisp mountain air and the enveloping scent of the forests.

From the end of May until the end of September, you can immerse yourself in Glamping, a unique adventure, an experience at the edge of the high mountain peaks.


Luxury into the wild

Choose between a luxury Mercedes van or a thrilling helicopter ride to reach the destination. In Morgex, a charming town near Mont Blanc, you’ll embark on a scenic walk through pristine landscapes, awakening your senses and inviting exploration. The highlight is a luxurious retreat, considered an extension of Villa d’Este, featuring a gourmet experience by Michelin-starred Chef Agostino Buillas.

You can choose from three stunning locations:

  • Chalet in the Forest: a retreat at 1500 meters, surrounded by ancient trees with breathtaking views and a unique dining experience.
  • Cottage among Vineyards: nestled in lush vineyards, offering a dreamlike, leisurely atmosphere.
  • Luxury Tent by Lake d’Arpy: a lakeside picnic or barbecue with stunning mountain reflections on the crystal-clear waters.

Each location extends the Villa d’Este’s welcoming ambiance. Chef Buillas will create unforgettable culinary experiences, and you can even join him in the kitchen to learn his secrets and bond with fellow travelers.

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