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Earth Day

On April 22nd, we commemorate Earth Day, a global event dedicated to preserving our planet. Its purpose is to rally the world in combating climate change.

Established in 1970, this significant day unifies us in the crucial responsibility of safeguarding the environment and advocating for sustainability. Through tangible actions and heightened awareness, we pledge to conserve the Earth’s beauty and abundance for future generations.

Join us as we gather to pay homage to and protect our shared home, for every day is Earth Day. On this occasion, the Villa d’Este team will undertake a meaningful endeavour: cleaning the shores of Cernobbio. This endeavour signifies our steadfast commitment to the local environment and sustainability. We aspire that our efforts will inspire you to enact change in your daily activities.

We will present a small gift containing ‘Forget-me-not’ seeds to engage our guests in Earth Day initiatives. These seeds symbolize remembrance and dedication to nature conservation. We are confident that this small gesture will inspire change.




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