While staying at the Hotel guests can enjoy outdoor and indoor activities.

The Sporting Club is directly connected to the Cardinal Villa through an underground passageway. Indoor pool, fitness room, Sauna, Turkish baths, squash courts, electronic golf simulator.

Jogging Trail

If you love fitness and jogging you cannot miss the jogging trail that winds through the park of Villa d’Este. Along the way you will find 15 stopping places where you a sign suggests some exercises. The starting point is at the Mosaic. Along the 0.3 mile path you will be surrounded by nature and be astonished by the stunning view as well as by a series of fortresses and towers. These were built according to Vittoria Peluso’s will at the end of XVIII century since she feared that her husband, Count Domenico Pino – Napoleonic General – might suffer from war nostalgia and boredom.


The tennis center is located in the park, offering 8 courts. They are open from from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm daily. Tennis pros are available for play or instruction and rackets are available for rental.


Lake Como is the right place to practice waterskiing. You can waterski at Villa d’Este daily from 11.00am to 6.30pm. For bookings and further information please contact the staff at the Sporting Club.


The wind by the lake allows you to practice sailing, a very popular sport. Sailboats are available for rental daily from 9.30am to 7.00pm.


Lake Como is a favorite destination of windsurfers, both professionals and amateurs; fine weather and a favorable wind make practice of this sport easy. Windsurfs are available for rental from 9.30 am to 7.00 pm.


The perfect sport to be performed on the Lake, it's wonderful way to appreciate the magnificent landscape and highly rewarding in the mild climate: canoeing can be practiced daily from 9.30am 7.00pm.


Located at the Sporting Club, the squash court is open daily from 7.00am to 8.00pm. Squash rackets can be rented.

Electronic golf

Located at the Sporting Club, it has ten international golf courses, It is open daily from 8.00am to 8.00 pm, on request.

Putting Green

Located near the main entrance of Villa d'Este, on this practice area one can train for major golf competitions or just become more familiar with the rules of this sport. Available daily from 8.00am to 8.00pm.